Industry Expert Interview: Rebecca Gildiner, Director of Impact Strategy at Sir Kensington’s

Business as a Force for Good: B Corp Month Round Up

All Things Home Batteries: NEW Whitepaper Release and Interview with an Industry Expert

Running on a Full Battery

Reaching Your Customers in the Do-It-For-Me Era

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Social Media is Dead.

Let Lizzo Guide Your Brand’s Vision for a Successful New Decade

2019. The Year Everybody Shouted for Something.

EV Customer Research: The Role Utilities Can Play in Advancing EV Adoption

Thanksgiving Roundup

3 Things to Learn from Our Favorite Influencers of 2019

Home Batteries: An Opportunity for Resilience

A Road Map for Your 2020 Content Marketing Strategy

Dear 2119: Keeping the Conversation Going

Let's Talk About Your Clean Energy Progress

Awesome Plastic, Part Two

The Solar Customer Experience Consumers Want

September Round Up: Climate Week Edition

Dear 2119

Four Best Practices for Quality Thought Leadership

3 Lessons Utilities and Solar Providers Can Learn from Their Local Farmers Market

Save Our Breath

Plastic is Awesome

The Future of Energy Series: Wind Continues to Pick Up Speed

Once Upon a Brand: Going Beyond "Utility"

Understanding Customers' Digital Experience: Four Tools We Love

Millennial Homeowners + Energy Costs = EE Solutions

0-60: Accelerating EV Adoption

Let's Not Blame the New York Times for Being Honest About EV Challenges

The Most Touching Campaign, Ever.

Business as a Force for Good: Our B Corp-Inspired Round Up

What Will You Stand For? Part Two

What Will You Stand For? The Marketing Takeaway from Disney, Gillette and National Grid

Does Your Company Have Personality?

The Unofficial Start of Summer Round Up

Smart Homes + Voice: How Energy Companies Can Own the Conversation

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Good Energy = Good Business

Let’s Talk About Content Marketing

Communicating to Customers About Home Batteries: A Lightning Round Blueprint

Is Demand Management the New Energy Efficiency?

Commitments, Promises & Innovations: Our Spring Energy Round Up

Four Energy Companies Acing the Social Media Game

Google Analytics & Strategy: The PB&J of Impactful Marketing

Hero or Villain - Your Choice

Bill Nye Talks Science. We Talk Energy Storage.

The Power of Brand Value

Disrupt, Innovate, Repeat: A DTECH-Themed Round Up

Get Ready for the Voice Revolution

Revisit Your Data Nightmares

Kill Advertising!

Climate Change is Your Fight. Social Media Should Be Your Ally.

New Year, New Roundup

Closing Out 2018 and Planning for 2019, with Optimism

Rihanna Promoting Pickup Trucks, and Two More EV News Stories Everyone Should Know This Week

Voice, Visualization, and AI: On MarTech and the Future

Thanksgiving Eve Roundup

3 Ways Social Media Can Save Utilities

Strategic Electrification and More Lessons from Conference Season

Forecasting the Future of EVs, Starting with Consumers

Are Customers Demanding an Energy Revolution?

October Roundup

OOH - The Marketing Multitasker

As Luxury EVs Speed Up, the Energy Industry Shifts Its Strategy

Friday Roundup

One Year Later: Reflecting on Maria, Anticipating Florence

KSV Future of Energy Series: Offshore Wind is Picking Up Speed

Uber, Lyft and How Holistic Thinking Can Transform an Industry

Make Realtors Your New Best Friend

Lessons for Energy Marketers from Coca-Cola and Bud Light

KSV Voices of Industry: Words of Wisdom from a Multicultural Marketing Maven

Deadly and Dangerous: How the Heatwave Could Help Shift Consumer Perception

Customers are Asking for Authenticity

New Customer Video Reveals "Hard-to-Reach" as a Misnomer

AESP in Atlanta: What You Should Know

To Connect with Hispanic Consumers, Stop Talking About Saving Energy

Navigating the DIY Market: 3 Key Insights for Hispanic Customers

Reaching the Hard to Reach: 5 Ways to Talk to Income Eligible Customers

Changing the Definition of “Utility”: If GM Can Do It, What Is Stopping You?

Lessons for the Energy Sector from Big Brands: Facebook and Tesla

What the Energy Industry Can Learn from Nordstrom, IKEA and GE about Using Customer Data

6 Top Trends and Topics that Jazzed New Orleans at AESP18

How Architects Could Be Your Ticket to the C&I Customer

AESP + KSV: What Was and What's New for You

Baking a Cake for the Commercial & Industrial Customer at AESP

Proven Ways to Talk to the C&I Customer

Lessons We Can't (and Won't) Forget

I’m Dreaming of a Fried Chicken Christmas

KSV Says Happy Holidays from Adweek

Trump & Energy Update: Climate Change No Longer Listed as a National Security Threat

An Ad Agency With a Serious Mission

Trump & Energy Update: Climate Change and the NDAA

There's no place like home (for the holidays)

New Customer Video: Spreading Joy to All With Community Solar

Update: Trump & Energy

KSV: An Ad Agency with a Conscience

How a Red Tag Turned Off My Heat, Condemned My Furnace, and Ruined Thanksgiving… Almost

A CEO, IT Manager, and Maintenance Director Walk into a Bar…

The most talked about utility in the country this week is fictional...what can we learn?

Google and Justin Trudeau Are Building a City, 3 Reasons You Should Be Paying Attention...

Microsoft and GE Just Made An Energy Deal. What Does It Mean for Utilities?

Will Tesla Be Puerto Rico's Hero?

Maria's Wakeup Call and What Your Customers Could Be Thinking...

Do You Have Questions to Add to Our Upcoming Research?

The Sustainability Stalemate: Three Things Every Energy Company Should Consider

Update: Amazon, Whole Foods, and 3 More Lessons for the Energy Industry

Does Your Organization Have A Purple?

KSV Voices of Industry: Two Unsettling Predictions from a Sustainability Expert

A Star Trek Legend and an SNL Star Are Trolling the Utility Industry

From the Disrupted to Disruptors: Three Strategic Rules for Utilities and ESCOs to Consider.

Do You Know the Nationwide EE Solution That's Set to Disrupt B2B Programs?

If Blockbuster:Netflix, Then Utility:Dandelion—Have We Reached a Disruption Tipping Point?

B2B Energy Marketing and the Monsters Under the Bed

Did Volvo Just Accelerate the Need for Peak Demand Pricing?

Jell-O and Energy Marketing

Amazon + Whole Foods = Innovation: Lessons for the Energy Industry

The Energy Industry's Farm-to-Table Movement

What’s Your Marshmallow?

On Professional FoMO, Metrics, and Mississippi John Hurt

Want a clean future? Maybe We Should Leave Paris

What is the problem you're trying to solve?

Adaptability is King

New Video: On Measuring Brand Marketing & Mass Save

Short and Sweet

Pepsi, hold my beer, Heineken just did it right.

The ENERGY STAR Awards, National Grid and Creative Testing

Earth Day Everyday

When Targeting Isn’t Enough: Marketing Energy Efficiency to Commercial Customers

KSV Voices of Industry: A Solar Developer Reflects on the "Solarcoaster"

Lessons from World Class Brands: On Pepsi, Protest Advertising and Kendall Jenner

On the CPP, A Sustainable Future, and Hope

Zappos, Digital Storytelling & Best Practices

3 Lessons and A Little Irish Luck

ENERGY STAR: A Letter to President Trump

On Digital Transformation and Walking The Talk.

Trump & Energy: An Update from KSV

IoT & Tomorrowland

On Digital Transformation, Getting Out of Our Own Way, and AESP

New Customer Video: On Great Digital Experiences and What they Want from Utility Websites

KSV Voices of Industry: Featuring Adam Knudsen of Dynapower

On Trump, Energy, and the Future: The Latest KSV Brief

3 Lessons from Tesla on Innovation at the Speed of Business

Are You Annoying Your Customers?

KSV Voices of Industry: Research on Millennials, Multifamily & EE Opportunities

The latest: Electrical Circuitry Pens, LED lights for Gingerbread Houses, and More

Achieving Breakthrough: The Messages That Work for Energy Consumers

On Dash(er)... Ease of Doing Business and a Lesson from Amazon

Your Customers Don't Believe You.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Mobile Web Experiences

Are You Missing An Apportunity With Your Creative?

KSV POV Customer Video Series: Award Winning

An Energy Revolution... and the Millennials Who Demand It

#BECC2016: Nudging for Good

New Customer Video: On Energy Efficiency, Communications, and What Matters Most

Special Edition EnergyWire: Millennials and Demand Response

New Customer Video: Part 2: On Communication and What Customers REALLY Want

New 2 Part Customer Video Series: Does Energy Efficiency Matter? And Do You Hear About It?

Market Transformation Meets the Real World: A Small Business Owner Reflects on Energy Management

Market Transformation: Three Lessons on Sustainability, Brand Building, and The Power of Communities

New Customer Video: Renewables, the Environment, and Aspiration

How a Leading Energy Company Used Hyper-Targeted Marketing to Drive Business Results: A Q&A Session with National Grid

De-Mystifying Digital Transformation: 3 Big Questions Answered

Is Digital Transformation the Biggest Challenge Companies Are Facing Today?

The Future of Energy: 3 Lessons from 2 Companies

Communities, Pizza & Energy: 3 Lessons on Grassroots Marketing and the Power of Community

Hyper-Targeting and the C&I Customer

Two Examples of Search Intent Marketing: Plumbers + Marriage.

How Millennials Are Changing Not Just Politics… But Your Business.

On Average, It Takes 22 Days and 32 Touch Points to Drive One Conversion… How Do You Measure That?

Meet Eliza. She’s a Real Life Millennial with a POV on Energy Efficiency.

Four Customer Demands in 2016… This Is Your 6-Month Check-In.

Personalization: Customers Say They Want It, But Will They Really Engage?

Mom’s Power and Impact On Smart Products, Energy Efficiency and The Home.

Leverage Personalization to Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Three Steps to Meeting with the CEO of the Home... Your Customer.

The Gap Between the Smart Home and Customer Adoption.

Customers: Excited About Energy. Indifferent to Utilities.

Do Customers Prioritize Energy Efficiency in the Shopping Process?

2 Words that Rule Utility Customer Experience... Says the Customer.

Three things 'Smart Home' Brands Can Learn from Apple... and Why.

Five Attributes of Successful Energy Efficiency Programs, By Industry Expert

Seasoned Energy Efficiency Executive Joins KSV: PART I

Back to Basics: Three Questions When Marketing Smart Technology.

#MT16: You Will Lose Customers At Every Point In The Journey.

When the Time Comes, How Do You Ensure Your Customer Chooses YOU?

Two Key Questions Customers Ask about Smart Products, Programs and Technology.

What Products Are an Entry Point to Smart Homes for Customers?

#SES2016: In the Race for the Smart Home... Is It a Fight for the Customer?

Three Ways to Engage Customers on SMART Products and Services.

Meeting Customer Expectation Isn't Enough Anymore...

Key Themes from the AESP Conference: The Customer

Your Customer is the CEO of their Home. Want a meeting?

Turn E.E. Interest into Action: Customers need it simple.

Energy Efficiency's Biggest Failure...

Four Customer Demands to Watch in 2016.

Customer Video: Their Priorities on Home Renovations and Energy Efficiency

Two Things Utilities Should Know about Millennial Customers

Three Steps for a Customer-Centric Response to JACO’s Closure.

Customer Video: Where they really need a Trusted Advisor.

The Customer POV: The Real Value Proposition on Energy Efficiency

The Customer POV: Adapting to Inefficiencies vs. Seeking E.E. Solutions

E.E. Customer Motivations: The Planet and the Savings are Important, but...

Customer Video: Do Lower Bills Really Motivate E.E. Decisions?

Customer Video: Is E.E. Prioritized in the Shopping Process?

Customer Video: Employee Comfort and Productivity through Energy Efficiency?

Customer Video: Understanding Your Business Customers.

Customer Video: What do they really want out of energy efficiency?

You Say 'Energy Efficiency,' Your Customer Says 'Home Improvement.'

Energy Efficiency vs. Your Customer's 'To Do' List

Energy Efficiency vs. JetBlue

Energy Efficiency and the Forgotten Customer?

Energy Efficiency vs. The FitBit

‘Energy Efficiency’ versus ‘Home Improvement’

Lighting: The Customer Disconnect

Utilities want to be customer-centric, but what's centric to your customer?

The Connected Customer: Future of Energy Efficiency?

Your customer says we're talking about energy efficiency ALL wrong.

Make Energy Efficiency Matter to Customers: Learn from JetBlue?

How to Reach the C&I Customer on Energy Efficiency.

Motivate Customers on the "Real" Benefits of Energy Efficiency.

Customer perceptions of “Energy Efficiency” may surprise you.

Seven Solutions for Selling Energy Efficiency.

The Connected Customer: The Future of Energy Efficiency?

Five Opportunities to Expand the E.E. Conversation with Customers

How to Motivate the E.E. Customer: Financial vs. Non-Financial Benefits

Six Trends to Mold Successful Energy Efficiency Marketing

It's not that customers don't care about energy efficiency...

Five Principles for Reaching Customers on Energy Efficiency

How to Reach Boomers on Energy Efficiency

Why Generation X is Critical to Energy Efficiency Programs

Three Steps for your Media to Effectively Reach Millennials on Energy Efficiency

Generational Segmentation and Energy Efficiency

Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Successful Social Media Strategy

Three Ways to Meet Your Lighting Goals in 4 Days.

Take Your Pick: Rebate Processor or Go-To Resource?

Why ENERGY STAR is a model for EE Program and Product Marketing

Your Customers Don't Trust Your EE Financial Messaging.

What Resonates with the EE Customer: Saving Money or Wasting Money?

Three Things to Consider with Energy Efficiency Messaging

Part III – Residential Customers: The Energy Efficiency Conversation in Social Media

Part II – Small and Large Businesses: The Energy Efficiency Conversation in Social Media

Part I – Industry: The Energy Efficiency Conversation in Social Media

Three Pillars to a Social Media Strategy that Improves J.D Power Scores

One tactic to keep customers engaged in their EE customer journey.

Four meanings to the term “Energy Efficiency” from the Customer Perspective

Adaptors vs. Solution Seekers

Are you talking tech?

America and the Environment: Six trends that define what we’re thinking

STOP Talking about "Energy Efficiency" and Increase Program Participation

What do your customers really want to know about energy? And what will make them make efficient choices?

Relationships Matter

Dear utilities, please learn from our country’s diminishing reputation.

Be Prepared for #CompanyXHatesTheEarth

Did you know that 98,000 pets flew Jet Blue in 2013?

How quizzes change the game for brands

Reaching the “yet-to-be-inspired”

Did the Facebook IPO Screw Brands?

How Energy Efficiency Could Help New Englanders Get Comfortable

A Note to Marketers, From a Millennial

2014: The Super Bowl of HashTags

Hot Ad Ideas During the Cold Weather

Is social media killing journalism?

4 Types of Retargeting to Successfully Reach Your Customers

Should Your Brand Dive into Jelly?

The Best Content Marketing around...A Window Display?

Once upon a time, ____.

Activating Your Advocates

Boost Tweeted Content with Twitter Cards

Brand Image Dysmorphia

Mobile video ramping up; 4 tips to get in the game.

What if you targeted a niche?

Native Advertising: A New Step for Online Engagement

Why advertising is like improv

Insurance Policies Aren't Storytellers

Relationships Matter

Big Client. Small Network Market. Channel Catalysts.

Changing the Marketing Conversation

AdWeek's United States of Ad Agencies

Is Your Brand Socially Awkward?

In marketing, mobile is the new black

#InBound13 Day 3: I'm an Excellent Driver

#InBound13: Arianna Huffington, From Politics to the Boardroom: Fearless Leadership... Or...


Facebook Takes Steps to Demystify News Feed

Save Money, Save Energy, Get House Fit

The Consumer Is In Charge. Really?

How Embedded Facebook Posts Will Give Power Back to Brands

Facebook Unveils Newsfeed Video Ads

The Essence of Awareness

Social Media Rules of Engagement

Facebook Exchange Ads in Your Newsfeed

Seizing the Mobile Opportunity, Revisited

Optimizing for the Device, and the User

A Social Storm

A New Spin on Energy Efficiency Marketing

Who Cares About Green Credentials?

Where Hard Work Pays Off

A Sustainable Economy: It’s Not Only About the Jobs

The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance

CEO Activist, or Just Another PR Stunt?

Made In Africa

In the Soul of Seoul: On the Frontline of Corporate Responsibility in Asia

Method Tackles Ocean Pollution with Recycled Bottles

On Our Radar: Kids Ski Free; Families Tag Along

Fair or Fowl: Debating Tips for a Besieged Bird

Getting Homeowners Pumped Up About Efficiency

Taking Efficiency to the Bank

Seizing the Mobile Opportunity

When marketing home energy efficiency, does small equal success?

Confronting Challenges for Mountain Resorts

Smart Grid and the Enthusiasm Gap

To Promote Energy Efficiency, Don't Talk About the Environment

NEW SERIES: The Infographic Breakdown

Test, Learn, Pin: 5 Tips for Pinterest

Move Over, Letterman: The Energy Efficient Top 10

There's No Place Like Home, If You Have One

Generation Now

Customer Excitement, Delivered

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting a Social Media Message

Sweet Energy

12 Social Media Truths for 2012

To App, or not to App? That is the question.

The Global Classroom

I'm Melting: Death Star - or Energy-Efficient Windows - Attack Prius

Social Media’s New Pin-Up: Pinterest

You Gotta Love a Good Headline

Cartography + Marketing = Transparent & Helpful Conversation Between Brands and Customers

5 Little Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Social Media Effort

2012: The Year of the Positive Deviator

2011: A great year for VSAC

Another Reason to Love Vermont

Audubon Takes Wing with Social Media

The Daily We: Social Media in the Age of Hyperlocalization

Walking the Talk

Communication Breakdown? Or Breakthrough?

Bringing the Apple Touch to Home Energy Management

We’re Number 51!

Nutrition By Design

VT Efficiency Program Wins With ‘High Touch’ Approach

Smart Grid: Real Reasons to Get Excited

Here’s the Story: What If the Brady Bunch Tweeted?

Toward Zero Energy Homes

A Product for the People

Intelligent Communications for a Smart Grid

The Real Consumer Benefit of Smart Grid

Haiku, in 140 characters or less. Why social media?

The Social Creative: 9 Learnings From MAGNET’S 2011 Conference

When Some Don’t Want a Smart Grid

The More Things Change.....

Recipe for Smart Grid Pilot Success in DC

Food Buyers Want Local – Grocers Want Efficiency

State of Emergency: 10 Things Every Utility Needs to Know About Crisis Communications in the Age of Social Media

Testing Smart Grid Technologies in Microgrids

Smart Grid in a Disaster Response

Energy Efficient Homes Fetch Higher Resale Values

Those who can't do, teach.

Utility-Consumer: New Social Compact

Green Not For Guys? Think Again

Ch-ch-ch-changes…Are Never Easy

The Agency Dating Game

Authentic Brands

Sustainability’s New Grail

Is there a future for Google+?

IOUs Getting Smart About Efficiency

Why should people like it?

Smart Grid Simplified

OnStar and Chevy Volt’s Smart Grid Pilot

Live What You Love

Smile, You're on Mac and Cheese Camera.

iPhone Designer Turns to Home Energy Systems

Using Cell Phones To Make Efficiency Easier

Can Social Marketing Save the TV Business?

How do you show the love?

Brewing up good ideas.

Who are You? What is your Brand?

A Green Movement in the Rust Belt

Insights From a Smart Grid Leader

Top 10 Smart Grid Cities

Brave New World for Utilities

Time To Move

Utility Execs: Customer Buy-in Critical to Smart Grid Success

DoE Tightens Up on Energy Star

Slicing the In-Home Energy Preference Pie

Smart Grid Conspiracy Theories

Show Me the Money…and the Extras

Bill Gates on Energy Efficiency, Renewables

AC, Big or Small?

Competition for Big Gas & Electric

OPOWER’s Surprisingly Simple Engagement Formula

Smart Grid Security

1st quarter - results

There’s No App for That

Energy Efficiency in Action

Different Smart Grid Strokes...

Making Attic Insulation Sexy?

Goodbye CFLs, Hello LEDs

Crossing the Chasm to a Smart Grid

Spread the TOU Love

Smart Grid Awareness Less than 50%

Crack in the Rear View Mirror

Disaster and Grid Resiliency

The Magic of Choice

Moral Responsibility in the Corner Office

Ancient Lessons in Sustainability

"Deploying a Smart Grid Takes Brains"

Smart for the Planet. Bad for Your Brain?

Our (Energy Efficient) Sputnik Moment

The Hunt for the Energy Panda

Walmart Helps Food Banks Go Green

The Energy Efficiency Dilemma: Chasing the Red Queen

Higher Expectations

Wanted: Smart Grid Innovators

History of Energy in 61 Seconds

Passionate Leadership

Beyond Jevons’ Paradox: Carrot & Stick

Energy Efficiency: A Fatal Flaw?

Next Year’s Rock Star: Energy Efficiency

Coming Clean with Your Customers, Part II

Protecting Your Brand By Coming Clean

The Magic of the Patriots

Teenager Too Long in the Shower? Try Facebook.

Addressing Fears Around Smart Systems

Turf Wars in the Smart World

BECC Day 2 Report

BECC Day 1 Report

It’s a Smart World After All

The New Face of Energy Efficiency: A Smiley One

You are invited to a special solutions lab with Jeffrey Hollender

Who's Keeping Score On Energy Efficiency? Glad You Asked...

Renewable Energy Benefits the U.S. Military

Where Spirituality and Marketing Collide

Energy Awareness Month: It Ain’t Got That Zing

HBR on the Smart Meter Backslide

Sustainability 2.0: The Next Wave

Energy Star Standards Outdated?

Tips: Marketing Energy Efficient Homes

DOE's New Energy Efficiency Website Hits Mark

Planning and a Good Bourbon

Smart Meters Not Cause of High PG&E Bills

Note to Utilities: 4 Must-Do’s for the New Energy Era

GE to Pilot Energy Efficiency Technology in Homes


Opportunity or Optimism

When Peer Pressure Is A Good Thing

Planning Forward

Energy Savings Elude Americans

Stimulus Green for Energy Efficiency at Standstill

Communicating Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Marketing and Calculated Consumption

You're Not the Boss of Me

Energy Efficiency Slowdown?

'Cash for Caulkers' Means Rebates for Homeowners

Utilities? I Hear You, But I Don't Trust You

DOE Funding CO2 Reduction Projects

Energy Efficiency Programs: The Gap Between Truth and Perception

GE Dares You to Use Your 'Ecomagination'

Use White to Save Green

CPG in Hand, Bravo PSB!

Accenture Study: Selling Energy Efficiency to Consumers Isn't Going to Be Easy

Energy Efficiency Marketing Comes Up Short

Sleepless in Vermont

PACE in Jeopardy

BECC Bound

VEIC Expands Energy Efficiency Reach

ACEEE: Smart Meters Not Smart Enough

PV Array Up Next

Mercedes and Walmart

I Love BP

VT Leads U.S.


Microsoft Hohm Improvement

Humpty Dumpty Economy

Vermont Farmhouse Update

Homestar Closer

Energy Efficiency Born in 1883?

Smart Grid New England

Business Success

Basic Steps to Move Forward

Tobacco Lessons Learned

The Russians Are Coming

Green U.

Think Small

Energy Efficiency Jobs to Soar

Vermont Farmhouse Renaissance?

Push-It, Love-It, Prof-It

Brand Energy Star Gets Protection

Buried in the sand

Smart Meter Education Lacking

Death Notice

A Thing of Beauty

GE's Bulbs for Earth Day

Is Your Brand in the Bathroom?

Friday Night at the Garden

NYC's Slog Toward Energy Efficiency

Out With The Old...

Budget Handcuffs

NEEP Lauds 13

Smart Grid Tough Sell


Brand Integrity

Energy Efficiency Spending Soars

Efficiency Deep Freeze

Energy Efficiency Jobs

Empire Efficiency


Smart Meter Learnings


Better Buildings By Design

Habitat Getting Super Efficient

Target Twitter

Online Advertising Transparency

2010=Energy Efficiency


LED Lighting Innovation

Protecting the Energy Star Brand

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