How 2021 Brought a Shift in Perspective - and New Opportunities - to KSV’s Doorstep

Posted by Kevin Willard on November 18, 2021 at 10:30 AM

2021 sure has thrown the agency world its fair share of curveballs. But with it came new opportunities. We just had to find the right places to take some swings. Among the most notable: a shift in our staffing approach, and how we’ve been able to leverage the MAGNET Global Network, 40 of the most innovative, independently-owned agencies located around the globe.

For the past four decades, KSV has had two addresses. One in Burlington, VT, the other in New York, NY. Employees either lived in VT or NYC. Or close enough to one of those two places to work from the KSV office located there. Not unlike the rest of the industry, if there was an office you go there and work.

Then COVID happened and working remotely happened right along with it. Slowly, we began opening our doors to an office environment without walls. And a shift in mindset of where to look for talent. In a place like Burlington, VT, that pool is small. We found a way to turn that into an ocean. Now, when we look at a resume the only address that matters to us is the one that ends in .com. 

Over the past year KSV has brought on three new employees in our Burlington, VT office and has opened new "home" offices in eight different cities all around the country. Here's the best part: Each one of those locations came with a new face and new ways of helping KSV make work for our clients that truly matters.

So for all its curveballs and its surprise, thank you 2021 for the opportunities, the new hello's, the wonderful additions to our team and bolstered partnerships. We are grateful and we are excited to see what's next.


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