The Expert Perspective: Rounding Up Our Industry Expert Interview Series, Part One

Posted by Shaina Kaye on December 2, 2021 at 11:31 AM

At the start of 2020, KSV kicked off Industry Expert Interviews, a new content marketing series we implemented as a way to hear more from purpose-driven organizations around the country, get inspired and have great conversations with innovative and talented individuals.

While we were excited for the series and looked forward to the opportunity to learn something new, we could not have estimated just how impactful those conversations would end up being. As the pandemic upended life for so many and the reality of remote work set in, we were still able to branch outside of our “four walls” with these Industry Expert Interviews, relying on technology (thank you, Zoom!) to continue meeting and connecting with leaders doing some pretty incredible things. 

From solar energy to Afghani spices, as part of this series we’ve been lucky enough to have conversations that have spanned industries, time zones, and countries. Here are just a few, in case you missed them:

B Corporation Industry Expert

Rebecca Gildiner, Director of Impact Strategy at Sir Kensington’s: One of our first expert interviews during the pandemic, our conversation with Rebecca was immensely inspiring, showcasing the potential of purpose-driven, determined and committed team members making a difference in an industry that until recently, is not the first one that comes to mind when one thinks of sustainability.

CEO_RumiSpice_Patti DoylePatti Doyle, CEO of Rumi Spice: We had a great time learning more about Rumi Spice, a fellow B Corporation that brings ethically sourced and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan to customers while supporting sustainable rural economic development and providing countless jobs to Afghan farmers and women who harvest and process the spices.

chad-farrell-headshotChad Farrell, CEO and Founder of Encore Renewable Energy: Our conversation with Chad reminded us of the importance and impact of CEOs who take a top-to-bottom approach when it comes to making a difference. Encore Renewable Energy is mission-driven at its core, and five minutes into chatting with Chad, it was easy to see the authentic inspiration behind the company’s trajectory of success.

Bobby_McConnell_HeadshotBobby McConnell, Vice President and Head of Sales and Experience at Gaia Herbs: At the time we sat down to chat with Bobby, he had only recently started at Gaia. But it was clear to see the impact of his role there already: helping to differentiate a purpose-driven brand in an increasingly saturated supplement market by utilizing its story and its message, in spite of - and perhaps bolstered by - the ongoing pandemic.

0Jen Gorin, Founder of Impact Growth Partners: The B Corp community is a vast one, with thousands of brands across the globe certified and elevated by their commitment to a triple-bottom line of people, planet and profit. Jen’s company is critical to that growing number, guiding organizations committed to do better and helping them navigate the B Corp certification process.

These few interviews are just the tip of the iceberg of incredible connections we’ve been lucky enough to make through the Industry Expert Series. Stay tuned - our next EnergyWire will feature even more inspiring conversations!

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