What’s Your Marshmallow?

Posted by Lindsey McCabe on June 9, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Ever thought a breakfast cereal could influence your perspective on marketing? 

Neither did we...until now.

Two years ago, Lucky Charms did a sweepstakes for 100 boxes filled solely with marshmallows (no oats). And the customer response was overwhelming. They wanted more marshmallows. So much so that Lucky Charms just announced a new sweepstakes for 10,000 boxes. 


At KSV, this got us thinking­–we should all be asking the question: “What’s my brand’s marshmallow?”

What’s the one part of your brand that customers crave? Is it an experience, product, or program? And how can you give them more of that or only that?

For example, let’s say you’re selling a Wi-Fi thermostat; your marshmallow might be the experience of convenience. Customers can use your product anywhere, so what else can you do to offer convenience?

Perhaps, it’s a chat function on your website for sales or user questions. 

Or a customer service line that picks up in under two rings.

Maybe it’s even an e-commerce home delivery for customers to try out new products.

The possibilities are endless.

Our advice: Listen to your customers, find your marshmallows, and serve them up, Lucky Charms style.

Don’t know if you have a marshmallow? Call us, we’ll find it.


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