What Will You Stand For? The Marketing Takeaway from Disney, Gillette and National Grid

Posted by Energy Wire on June 6, 2019 at 4:30 PM

Gillette standing alongside the transgender community. Disney standing up to the State of Georgia for its position on abortion. National Grid standing behind our planet, stating clearly, as a utility, its position on global warming.

While one can look at these stances as pandering to a current wave in the political climate, customer research was conducted before any of this became public. And that research strongly supported the messaging from these companies. 

These unconventional marketing approaches are only unconventional to conventional business—which describes most businesses in America. While businesses may still be conventional, their customers and prospective customers are not. And while we can debate these social issues, companies like Disney, Gillette and National Grid are separating themselves from competitors by taking a stand. 

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The result? Standing out in a chaotic and overcrowded market with a great deal of media attention—all while identifying with their target audiences’ need for happiness.

Financial success is driven by the emotional connection between brand and customers, and there are several important social issues to form that bond over. The real question is this: Will your brand team be bold enough to stand up in a place where everyone else is sitting down?

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