New Customer Video: Spreading Joy to All With Community Solar

Posted by Dave Treston on December 1, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Throughout December, communities will come together to take care of their own. People will donate time, money, food, toys, and warm clothing to ensure everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.

With this spirit in mind, we are reminded of what we heard when we talked to consumers about community solar.



[Watch the video]

The biggest benefit of community solar compared to rooftop installations? It makes clean energy accessible to everyone.

It’s not that these consumers don’t want solar for themselves—they absolutely do. But they believe solar should be more like a public library: open to everyone, and not a gated community open only to a few who have the means.

In Brooklyn, we met Penny. She described looking into rooftop solar­. “I would only be helping myself,” she said with a sense of guilt. But the idea of community solar interested her more because it would mean being able to help others in her community. “We’re all sharing. We’re all benefitting.”

The lesson? Inclusivity matters. People don’t just want products and services; they want to be a part of something.

It’s not enough to talk about how the recipient of your marketing communication will benefit. We must consider how the community at large will benefit as well.


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