An Ad Agency With a Serious Mission

Posted by Ann Hoogenboom on December 15, 2017 at 9:30 AM

KSV is a certified B Corp.

Enter buzzwords: mission-driven, values-led.

We see these words on the ‘about’ pages of businesses in all sectors across the globe.

But B Corp could actually be the next major movement for business—Forbes, Inc., Fortune, and Huffpost have all written about it as a movement to watch.




But what does it really mean to be a B Corp?

It’s not about the words or even the certification, it’s about what it means for our people.

Being a B Corp means that you’re taking it to the next level—one that recognizes the business decisions we make today will impact the future we are moving toward.

Certified B Corporations—the B stands for Benefit—use the power of business to solve social, environmental, and economic problems.

Becoming a B Corp means making a commitment. It holds us accountable to our mission, so that we know we’re always on track to being the best company we can be for our clients and for our employees.

It also connects us with our clients who share similar values.

KSV is passionate about sustainability, focused on energy. We help our clients speak a language that customers understand. Together, our work provides better a financial position and a higher comfort of living while creating a better energy future.

People love connection. For many customers, making investments in the way they use energy is easier when they feel there is a greater purpose.

Our advice?

  • Commit to your mission, every day in every way.
  • Make your mission clear to your customers.
  • Show your customers the way your mission supports their goals.
  • Set an example that lets them believe that they can take a step toward a better future—just like you’re doing.

Sustainable energy is key. We’re charging full speed ahead and, of course, you’re always invited to join.


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