Let Lizzo Guide Your Brand’s Vision for a Successful New Decade

Posted by Tucker Wright on January 10, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Exiting one decade and entering a new era often coincides with reflection and forecasting. 

Hopes and dreams. 

Fear and uncertainty. 

Successes and failures. 

But no one shared their experience of the past 10 years better than Lizzo. In a tweet no less...


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Her tweet doesn’t just show that anything is possible, but that so much can change in 10 years. 

In 300 characters or less she showed us that:

With a good dose of self love, drive and hard work, someone with immense talent can see their dreams come true. Like her.

A new way to share photos can democratize the media landscape and create a whole cottage industry of entrepreneurs. Hello Instagram influencers, models, trainers, and Kylie Jenner. 

A company can grow from a tiny upstart to an industry disrupting megapower. Afterall, Uber is a verb now. 

Or, because they didn’t pivot to meet shifting consumer demand, they can tumble from market dominance during a period of tremendous growth for their industry. It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of the decade, Nokia and Blackberry had the majority of the smartphone market share and Apple hadn’t yet reached 10 percent. 

And a new product category can grow from nothing to a multi-billion dollar industry only to witness the beginning of its downfall, all in a decade’s time. Hello vaping...goodbye vaping

So, cheers to Lizzo. 

Not for showing us that anything is possible or telling us that our dreams can come true. 

But for showing us the power and the inevitability of change, and how to enter into this new decade prepared, hungry and curious...And feeling good as hell about our path forward, even if we are also a little cautious, nervous, or scared. Life’s too short for anything less. 

Happy new decade everyone. Tell us: what are your big (or small, but still meaningful) hopes and dreams for 2020?



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