The Solar Customer Experience Consumers Want

Posted by Dave Treston on October 10, 2019 at 10:00 AM

In the spring of this year, solar installations in the US surpassed two million, just three short years after the solar industry completed its millionth installation, a milestone that took 40 years to reach.

Policies spurred by ambitious state renewable energy commitments have helped speed up the adoption of renewables in general, but the growth of solar is also driven by enormous consumer demand. 

At KSV, we have seen this firsthand.

When we hit the streets and talk with regular people about energy, the smart home, and utilities, our interviewees always speak about their longing for solar. 

Every. Single. Time.

More and more, american homeowners are realizing solar energy isn’t a pipe dream but instead is a realistic opportunity. And as with any other product or service, they’re paying attention to which providers offer the best customer experience.

But what is the ideal customer experience when it comes to solar?


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The bar is high for solar providers. 

We know that Apple, Amazon, and Google don’t offer residential solar options...yet. But average consumers are influenced by the positive experiences they have with these companies. 

People crave Apple’s ease of use and design for all the products in their home.  

They also demand the convenienceaffordability, and best-in-class customer service provided by Amazon. 

And they value Google’s simplicity and dedication to the common good 

There is opportunity here, for solar providers and utilities alike. 

Solar demand is on a steadily rising trajectory. 

Americans are taking action. 

How will you help them make the most of their solar experience?


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