Microsoft and GE Just Made An Energy Deal. What Does It Mean for Utilities?

Posted by Noelle Palumbo on October 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM

This week Microsoft purchased 100% of GE’s new Irish wind farm capacity for the next 15 years.


The announcement comes at a time when some of the country’s most influential companies like Apple and Facebook are going out of their way to secure clean energy production for their operations. 

Yet another signal that increasing corporate responsibility initiatives and requirements are fueling the appetite for renewables.

Where do the utilities fit into these types of conversations?

Well, they could be right at the center of them.

Acting as a thought leader, they could be providing the valuable insight and guidance that companies with sustainability goals need.

The energy industry is changing, but utilities are still—and can remain—the experts in the space.

They have the resources, expertise and (hopefully) the desire to help usher in this new age of corporate responsibility. 

Now is the time to make themselves available and lend a hand in these conversations. 

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