Baking a Cake for the Commercial & Industrial Customer at AESP

Posted by Ann Hoogenboom on February 2, 2018 at 10:30 AM

We're excited to be speaking at AESP in a couple of weeks about our C&I research, here's a little preview.


It’s not as easy as it should be. Connecting with the C&I customer to talk sustainable energy is a big challenge for most of us in the energy services world. And the bigger the customer, the harder it is.
So we conducted research on large C&I customers, and asked lots of questions about energy management.
Here is what we found—and how it can help your business.
We found that decentralization of decision making is one of the most common barriers to investing in energy management. Additionally, most respondents reported having a lack of vision for energy-related planning.
Personas: Our research identified four valuable personas—the C-suite, facilities managers, regional location managers and department managers—as unique energy stakeholders who all play a different role in energy decisions. From this research, we know that we need to speak to each of these key audiences through their job’s POV while staying connected to their shared industry and their company, and to tie all of this to energy.
Cross Generational Media Habits: We found that age correlates with where respondents get their information, which is important in understanding where to talk to people: mobile phone for the younger facilities managers who are on the move, a Forbes ad for the more senior tablet-reading CEO and email for the department manager working from a desktop computer.
Diverse Customer Journeys: Our research also highlighted that job function drives unique responsibilities, needs and values. While all respondents reported having business KPIs they were focused on, their immediate responsibilities and perspectives differed from those of their colleagues.
Baking the Data Cake—with Just Three Ingredients
Step 1. Build your personas
Step 2. Identify generational media habits
Step 3. Create your diverse customer journey maps
Your job is to take all of these complex ingredients that are decentralized and bring them together so that energy decisions can be made.
Frosting the Layers
Today’s B2B marketing is all about data. So think about layering your three ingredients (using the data you have in your systems—think CRM) in support of a targeted marketing approach to reach your KPI's.
Interested in learning more? We’ll be speaking at AESP 2018 in New Orleans, talking about three ways to break through to the C&I customer and how we’ve seen unprecedented successes. Not able to attend? Reach out, we’d love to talk.


 C&I Energy Management  Click to download.


Ann is KSV’s Mission and Brand Manager. Her experience in marketing and communications is deeply rooted at the intersection of sustainability and energy with fellow certified B Corps. And whoever thought Superman had the best capes never met Ann. Read more from Ann here.

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