Short and Sweet

Posted by Ashley Nicholls on May 5, 2017 at 10:20 AM

At AESP this week, my colleague Tucker Wright and I presented on innovation, advanced targeting for C&I customers, and inspiration. We showed work that pushed the envelope for the energy industry, and world-class brands that had redefined their category.

We had great conversations with people who see the changes coming and are inspired to act, and act now.

We made a few people uncomfortable.


But you know what comment we heard, again and again? 

“That’s great, but not for this industry.” 

Tucker got a slightly different version during his presentation: “I can’t believe a utility approved that.”

And every time, we’d smile and explain that it was our brilliant, strategic clients, who trust us and invest in us and are willing to go to uncomfortable, brave, and innovative places with us, it’s those clients who make our jobs awesome. It’s those clients who give us the free rein to create the biggest successes.

For National Grid, when they were challenged by the many barriers in marketing energy efficiency to a highly targeted C&I audience, we delivered them a strategic approach with targeting 3 ways: native, search intent, and high-impact “print”.

So today we’re sharing our two presentations from AESP: free for download by you. Take a look, get inspired, maybe even get uncomfortable.

And if you find yourself saying, “I wish we could do that”, give us a call.

Because you can


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