AESP + KSV: What Was and What's New for You

Posted by Noelle Palumbo on February 9, 2018 at 9:30 AM

In last week’s EnergyWire, we gave you a preview of what we’ll be speaking about at AESP’s National Conference on Feb. 19.

(Will you be there? Reach out; let’s meet!)

And as we get closer to the date, we’ve been reflecting on some of our past AESP experiences.

So today, we wanted to share three topics from previous AESP conferences whose insights continue to prove true. 

We’ll also give you a little more insight into what we’ll be talking about in a few short weeks.

Let’s get started.

1. Digital Transformation

At the 2017 National Conference, KSV’s Executive Director of Strategy and Client Services/Principal,Ashley Nicholls, spoke about this huge pain point for utilities. She emphasized that digital transformation is not just your website. It’s optimization, CRMs, search intent, digital body language analysis and much more.

Digital transformation is a complex process. And it’s the cost of entry into the new economy.

Want more on this? Here’s the executive summary from our presentation.

2. Hyper-Targeting, Native Advertising and the C&I Customer 

In the spring of 2017, Tucker Wright, KSV’s Director of Strategy, walked conference attendees through a real-life case study about reaching the C&I customer through targeting and relevancy. He also shared our top four takeaways for connecting with this audience. 

Want the slide deck? It’s all yours.

3. World Class Brands 

Ashley went back to AESP in the spring with Tucker to speak about world class brands and what utilities can learn from them and their marketing. Showcasing some of our favorite examples from the Economist, Mount Sinai Hospital, and others, Ashley laid out five rules and when to break them.

You can have this slide deck too.

In a couple of weeks…

Tucker will be back to flex his muscles on C&I marketing once again, this time with one of our partners at National Grid, Erin Motta.

The difference from last time? We took what we already knew and brought it to the customer.

We spoke with over 100 respondents and will be walking you through actionable strategies gleaned from research on C&I energy management.

We’ve talked to the C-suite, the facilities managers and the energy supervisors, and we are ready to arm you with the best ways to influence these decision makers as it relates to energy management.

Again, if you’ll be at the conference, we’d love to meet, so please reach out.



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Noelle is KSV’s Client Engagement Specialist. Supporting KSV’s New Business and Strategy efforts, Noelle turns challenges into opportunities all while rocking a Mohawk and an all-black wardrobe. Read more from Noelle here.

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