0-60: Accelerating EV Adoption

Posted by Shaina Kaye on July 11, 2019 at 2:40 PM


Here's a prediction you may be interested in hearing: according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory by 2050, there is an expected 20-38 percent increase in US electricity consumption.
Electric vehicle adoption is estimated to be a large contributor to this increased demand.
Growing demand means increased sales and revenues for utilities. Utilities can set themselves up for future business growth by playing a role in moving consumers from being interested in EVs to actually purchasing them.

To better understand the role customers want their utility to play and the unique value their utility could add, we conducted research with utility customers in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.
We are delighted to share our findings in our latest whitepaper: Accelerating EV Adoption: How utilities can provide real value to customers. In it, we reveal four ways utilities can help accelerate EV adoption and highlight two personas of likely EV shoppers, sharing not only their motivations, needs, frustrations, and challenges, but also ways utilities can engage with each audience.

Access the full whitepaper here: evinsights.ksvc.com



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