Two Examples of Search Intent Marketing: Plumbers + Marriage.

Posted by Ashley Nicholls on August 3, 2016 at 4:08 PM

Search_Intent.pngOn a daily basis, consumers are giving you insight into exactly what is going on in their lives. They’re telling you what they need, what they’re interested in, and the information they’re seeking to make a potentially bigger decision or investment down the road. 

But are you listening? And better yet, are you responding?  

Intent marketing aims to meet the customer’s intent - what they really want or need in the moment. 

WATCH this video for a deeper understanding.

Let’s walk through two examples: Home Maintenance + Marriage. (Interesting combination, huh?) 

#1 - If I am searching for a 24-Hour Plumber… What is that telling you?

  • I have a BIG problem!
  • Something needs maintenance or fixing – NOW.
  • I resolve this problem myself. (Otherwise, I would be at Lowe’s. Five minutes ago.)
  • I am seeking an expert to help me with a solution.

Next question… What is it telling you about the emotional state of my household?

  • I am STRESSED about the state of my bathroom.
  • I am STRESSED about the fear of unknown repair costs.
  • I am STRESSED about the inconvenient timing. (Because there is never a good time to need a 24-hour plumber.)

The emotional stress is real and raw for me right now. This is a prime opportunity for services that not only solve my current plumbing problem, but also regular home maintenance services that provide peace of mind. (The goal being I shouldn’t be in this position again.)

Try to sell me the same home services if my house is in good shape. The benefits are rendering the same for me. See?


If done successfully, the process of Intent Marketing also allows your brand the chance to connect and engage on an ultra-human level.

Because success stems from understanding exactly what and how your customers or future customers are searching. For instance, customers may not be searching “energy efficiency” or “how to make my house energy efficient” – they might get to those solutions through questions like “why is my bill so high?” or “what are the most efficient windows?” or “what are the most efficient lights?”

By understanding their language and the way they pose their questions or search terms, you can make sure your marketing makes sense. Are you speaking their language? Or yours?

Still curious about the marriage example? Have you ever been in this conversation?

“Why didn’t you just tell me you were feeling that way?”

– Partner #1

“Because I shouldn’t have to seek you out and tell you. You should just know.” – Partner #2

Or the alternative, which we hope you’ve never been on the receiving end of…

“I told you I was feeling this way and you didn’t respond.”

- Yikes

With a smart strategy, search intent marketing allows you TO JUST KNOW how your customers are feeling and respond accordingly.

They don’t need to tell you or ask you directly (which is more work for them).



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