IoT & Tomorrowland

Posted by Ashley Nicholls on February 24, 2017 at 9:30 AM
Tomorrowland was a dream of Walt Disney.
Did you know that Disney originally planned Disneyland as a group of five "lands", and Tomorrowland was complete with a "Rocket to the moon" ride, and the "Monsanto House of the Future"?

The house of the future was a joint venture dreamed up by Monsanto, MIT, and the Disney Imagineers from 1957-1967, and featured such innovations as the microwave oven. In fact, over 20 million people wandered through this house to imagine what the future would be like.
But we never imagined this.
This week San Diego, in a partnership with Current by GE, announced a major investment to deploy the world's largest smart city Iot sensor platform.

Imagine a city that can tell you where there are open parking spots. 

Upgraded lighting that not only operates more efficiently, using less energy, but also is an IoT tracker in and of itself, understanding patterns of citizen foot traffic, actual traffic, and providing data to the city and to businesses so they can develop more useful applications that serve people's lives.

Safer citizens. Faster emergency services. 

Oh and energy savings. 

In fact, all that upgraded lighting is estimated to save San Diego and her citizens $2.4 million per year in energy costs.

Just last week at AESP we talked about digital transformation and the way it is shaping companies and how they respond to the evolving world (want to see the deck?).

And one of the biggest comments we got from our talk, which focused on CRMs, personalization, and digital opportunities to become more customer centric, was "Yeah, this is cool, but it's also just so creepy". 

Listen, the world is already digital.

Business is already there. Your customers have been transformed. 

All you can do now is catch up.

Or don't, but recognize someone else will.

Maybe you read one of the articles this week about the Current and San Diego announcement. They talked about Intel, AT&T, GE, Shotspotter and CivicSmart.

You know who didn't get mentioned? 

The utility providers.

All that energy savings. Millions of dollars in savings and incredible energy innovation. And not a whiff of credit or collaboration mentioned. Maybe because it didn't happen. 

Tomorrowland is here, guys. 

This isn't creepy, this is business. 

And if we don't take action, it's going to happen without you.


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