Three Steps to Meeting with the CEO of the Home... Your Customer.

Posted by Lauren Bell on June 2, 2016 at 7:19 AM

Customers are demanding more and more from every product and service they buy and use.

Even companies like Chick-Fil-A are making their fast food experience... faster. (Plus a free sandwich!) What does that tell you about customer demands?

People want more options and information. They want tools and features to make every aspect of their lives easier and more convenient, but if they feel overwhelmed… they’re gone. They’re talking to someone else, or moved on to another product. They want, want, want. And when it comes to the home, rightfully so. They’re in charge. They are the Chief Executive that we’re all reporting to.

And interestingly enough, in our conversations with customers, we hear one thing time and time again on topics like smart technology, lighting and products, and even just, energy efficiency:

“It’s so overwhelming. I don’t know where to begin.”

(It’s no wonder we all haven’t been fired!)

We’re faced with a disconnect between the customer’s idea and their experience.

They want all of these things - a more connected home, automated convenience and a smaller footprint – but it’s so overwhelming that interested customers aren’t taking action.

While there are several factors that weigh into this, we’re going to focus on one:

We’ve got a marketing problem, people!!

When selling products or services that are highly personal (you’re talking about people’s home!) and complex, it’s always smart to go back to the basics. Don’t allow yourself or your teams to make any assumptions.

  • What is a conceptual smart home?
  • What is energy efficiency?
  • WHY do people want these things?

The WHY is where things get interesting. The WHY will vary. And in today’s landscape, you have the ability to talk to customers around the WHY that matters to them.

Again, think of them as the CEO. They don’t want to hear why your product or offering is good for another company, they want to know the value it will bring to their company. Their bottom line. Or in this case, their home. Their life.

Leverage your data and media intelligence (or find a partner who can) and you will simplify the experience for your customers.

Three basic strategic for building a marketing plan that works:

  1. Sell the vision before talking details: Customers need to want your product or service before they’re interested in hearing the details. If the details are given too quickly, they’re overwhelmed. You’ve lost her. She’s onto the next meeting.
  2. Prove you understand the WHY: Understand your customer and why your offering provides value to them. This is how you will get their attention. (And if there is no why… you are talking to the wrong customer. You are in the wrong meeting.)
  3. Get to the point: Time is precious. And customers are only willing to spend so much of it with you. Make sure there is no part of the customer experience that takes more time than it should. Or… Meeting over.



"Leveraging Personalization to Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction."

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