The Gap Between the Smart Home and Customer Adoption.

Posted by Lauren Bell on May 26, 2016 at 9:16 PM

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For those of you that have been following the 2016 Connections Conference (#CONNUS16), you’re probably feeling a lot like us. Invigorated and inspired.

The Connected Home industry continues to evolve the way in which we will live and run our homes, but the big question is….

When will customers catch up to all of this innovation?

Both Mintel reports a vast majority of consumers are unaware of smart home brands, and even products. Only four big brands carried double-digit awareness in a recent report.

Parks Associates has reported up to 62% of US broadband households being unfamiliar with both smart home services and smart home products. And not surprising… up to 72% are unfamiliar as to where they can purchase these products or services.

Understanding the evolution of the customer through the development and adoption of smart products and connected living is critical to increasing general brand and product awareness. Not to mention SALES!

In a recent round of interviews, we asked people to describe the Home of the Future. WATCH video here.

You can hear it. The desire and interest is there. Of course, when asked, people want intuitive products, faster technology and ultimately, convenience.

But did you hear what it really means to them?

  • It means an easy entrance when you’re lugging multiple bags of groceries. (You’ve been there. You know.)
  • It means not having to get up from the couch.
  • It means easier multi-tasking between home and work.
  • It means pre-heating the oven on your way home from work.

It means… “having a home that suits me.”

How are you talking to customers about your product? Are you selling features or moments and time back in their day?

Call us. Let’s talk about what your product really means to customers.

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