Six Trends to Mold Successful Energy Efficiency Marketing

Posted by Energy Wire on January 22, 2015 at 11:39 AM

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As an agency focused on marketing energy solutions and long term sustainability, we are constantly seeking the “secret sauce” to inspiring customers to think, act and buy sustainably. But when it comes to energy, the industry is complicated. The customer touch points are many and feel seemingly disconnected.

Let’s think about this... 

The news: Whether customers are scanning headlines or social posts, watching the local news and/or reading the paper, they’re hearing government officials discussing long and short-term energy and carbon goals, the debates over climate change, the Keystone Pipeline and clean energy solutions. Customers are thinking: Will this ever be resolved? To many, these conversations feel remote and intangible.

The Energy Efficiency programs: Customers are receiving communications from many different sources in support of energy efficiency and saving money. Typically, their utility is leading this communication. Customers are thinking: Why do you want me to save? They’re skeptical why the company they’re paying wants them to pay less.

The brands: Customers are seeing more and more great advertising from big brands (like Maytag, Nest and automotive companies) selling products that affect energy consumption, but marketing more on smart technology, comfort and convenience. Customers are thinking: That is cool. I want that. How can E.E programs learn from this?

The bills: Customers receive a monthly bill for their personal energy consumption. Ideally, these bills are breaking down their usage in a way the customer can understand… but this is not yet standard. Customers are thinking: When is this due? Oh good, it’s consistent. Or the dreaded… Why is it so high?!

Do customers understand how all of these conversations are interconnected? Our bet is NO. And our judgment is NONE. No one is connecting the dots.

Utilities want to be seen as a “trusted energy advisor”, but in order to actually become one and inspire action… Customers need to be empowered to care. They need a simplified, holistic understanding of this complex industry. Isn’t that what a trusted advisor would provide?

In order to get there, here are the Top 6 Trends we think will mold the future of successful E.E. marketing:

1.) Focus on the Benefits: Non-Financial vs. Financial

2.) Provide a Sense of Transparency and Understanding on the Greater Industry Issues

3.) Empower Customers to Care: Ask for Help in Meeting Big Goals

4.) Support the Connected Customer and Smart Homes

5.) Partner with Brands that Give Customers an E.E. Visual

6.) Utilize Data to Provide Customers a Clear Set of Actions

Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive into these trends and what supporting communications look like for each. Be on the look out, and have a great weekend!



After surveying around 1,400 participants across the nation, we will be releasing our newest research on the E.E. customer in February.

The result is valuable insight into the customer relationship with energy efficiency, smart technology and the most effective ways and channels in which to reach these customers.

Get in touch with Lauren Bell for more information.

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