Customer Video: Their Priorities on Home Renovations and Energy Efficiency

Posted by Lauren Bell on December 17, 2015 at 3:11 AM

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“When you’re renovating a house… it’s like drinking from a fire hose. It’s so much decision fatigue… If there is something better we can do, we can think about that in step two." 

WATCH some of the highlights.

What do customers prioritize in step one vs. step two? How do we guarantee that efficient and more sustainable choices are prioritized off the bat… and not left to ‘later’?

We know that aesthetic and mandatory improvements (ie: leaks, broken equipment) are prioritized on the renovations list. And of course, these things have to align with allocated budgets.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it is seen as an expectation vs. a sought-after feature.

Now, one could argue that prioritizing energy efficiency isn’t really a priority. Most appliances, lighting and equipment are more efficient than ever, so no matter what, the installation of new products are increasing savings and reducing consumption. And while there are different tiers to these smarter, more efficient products… We’ll take what we can get!

However, one could also argue that renovation is one of the most important moments for a utility to build a relationship with their customer. And if you miss the window… it's closed for a long time. (How many times will your customers renovate their kitchen? How many times will they replace their windows and heat pumps? Most would say, “I’ll move before I do that again.”)

It’s also important to look at renovations as a critical learning opportunity for your customers. In many cases, it is the first time customers are paying attention to energy efficiency. It is the first time that they find the questions and solutions to features, efficiency and energy consumption relevant to them. If done right, this critical time can serve as the gateway to further participation and behavior.

In our 2015 market research, customers said again and again, “The only time I think about energy efficiency is when someone mentions energy efficiency.”

We also heard,It’s not about energy efficiency. It’s about improving my home.”

This is the golden ticket!

Positioning the efficiency conversation around the customer’s truest priorities… all of which make up “step one” on the renovations list.

We have to make it matter within the context of their lives. How do your product or service solutions enhance the outcome or decision-making process of these stressed and fatigued home renovators? Do these solutions improve the quality, health and value of the home? Do they increase overall home comfort? Do they deliver control and consistency in both the home and the bills?

Trigger a deeper, more emotional response. Simplify the complexities of this industry into marketing that speaks directly to the motivations of your customer, and we’ll get them inspired. We’ll be part of step one.


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KSV's 2015 consumer research has also been featured on: Utility Dive, Fortnightly, Energy Central, Intelligent Utility and Energy Efficiency Markets. 

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