Customer Video: Where they really need a Trusted Advisor.

Posted by Lauren Bell on November 19, 2015 at 12:51 PM

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"Energy Efficiency" vs. "Home Improvement."

While 60% of homeowners enjoy taking on DIY home improvement projects, they’re overwhelmed when asked about energy efficiency. 

  1. It’s complicated.
  2. It involves too much research
  3. I don’t really need energy efficiency. I need machines that work.
  4. It’s not about energy efficiency. It’s about improving my home.

The truth of the matter? We know energy efficiency and home improvement are one in the same.

The problem? That’s not the customer perception.

How do we change the dialogue and understanding? How do tap into this ‘home improvement’ category that customers are already interested in?

This week, we talked to customers about home improvement challenges. Where can energy services companies bring value? What are your customers already struggling with, and wanting a solution? An advisor?

WATCH what some people had to say.

Regarding challenges, here are some of re-occurring themes we heard:

  1. Customers fear even the “small, quick” projects because they never seem to be small or quick.
  2. Customers are hesitant to trust contractors and their quotes. They don’t have confidence in knowing who to trust for quality and price.
  3. Customers want a more systematic approach to home improvement, but don’t know what needs regular maintenance or “check ups.”
  4. Customers want to be advised. They want help.

Where do energy services companies fit in here? Across the industry, we’re listening to companies talk about the evolution to becoming a “trusted advisor” to customers. But according to KSV’s 2015 market research*, the reality is only 1% of customers would go to their utility first for home-related issues.

Step one? Advise them when and where they want the help and encouragement. Understand their challenges and make them your opportunities.

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KSV has more than a decade's experience communicating about energy efficiency programs and products. Maybe we can help you. Get in touch with Lauren Bell to talk about your current challenges and opportunities, and we'll work on some solutions.

KSV's 2015 consumer research has also been featured on: Utility Dive, Fortnightly, Energy Central, Intelligent Utility and Energy Efficiency Markets.

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