Customer Video: Employee Comfort and Productivity through Energy Efficiency?

Posted by Lauren Bell on September 16, 2015 at 3:59 PM

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Breathe new life into your business programs. Help customers navigate the right energy investments by selling your products and services as solutions to their business – not just their bill.

In this emerging market of energy solutions, our clients want to be seen as a “trusted advisor” to customers. In order to do this, energy services companies need to stop talking energy and start talking benefits.

An executive at a national retailer says it perfectly:

“Energy efficiency affects us in a very profound way – reliability, stability and comfort.”

WATCH other key highlights from a series of qualitative interviews with business owners and executives where we discuss the meaning of energy costs, savings and benefits.

According to an Ecova report*, 57% of executives, finance and sustainability professionals expect an increase in the time and money spent on energy and sustainability management this year.* Consumers are expecting more action from companies and companies are demonstrating an increased willingness to invest.

How do we, as marketers for energy services companies, reach this audience and leverage this important expectation?

A successful value proposition for this audience should align with their needs, values and priorities. Too often we say, “Lower your energy costs!” This is not standard conversation, unless perhaps, you’re the facility or operations manager… and these aren’t your decision makers. How do we help these people sell up the management chain?

In our interviews, one CEO stated, “You have to educate someone about the inefficient areas so they pay attention to it. We just assume some costs are constant, outside our realm of control.

While there is an increased interest in more efficient operations and sustainable infrastructures, the decision to invest still needs to make financial sense. (And in most cases, that means more than just reducing future energy costs.) To capture the attention of C-suite executives and top managers, your message needs to present solutions to their overall business objectives.

Assure these customers that energy efficiency is not about using less or producing less. No one wants to shrink industry. The goal is to operate efficiently, and simply to invest less in waste.

From their perspective, here are some elements of what success looks like:

  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased asset value
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Increased employee engagement, productivity and safety
  • Increased new business opportunities

While customers may not think they have an “energy” problem, what company doesn’t want to reduce O&M? Especially if by doing so, they’re also able to increase their employee engagement, productivity and safety?

At KSV, we help our clients create value propositions that speak directly to the objectives of their customers. For this audience, whether small business, commercial or even the trade allies, understanding their perspective on the benefits of energy efficiency, and better business, will get you in the door a whole lot faster.


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KSV's 2015 consumer research has also been featured on: Utility Dive, Fortnightly, Energy Central, Intelligent Utility and Energy Efficiency Markets. 

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