Energy Efficiency and the Forgotten Customer?

Posted by Energy Wire on June 4, 2015 at 12:19 PM

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In KSV’s newest national survey, 78% of Hispanic homeowners are interested in making their homes use less energy. (That is 10% higher than the interest level of African Americans, and almost 20% higher than that of Caucasians.)*

On top of that, 67% of Hispanic homeowners stated they made E.E. improvements to their home over the last 12 months. (That is a 20% higher action rate than African Americans and almost 25% higher than Caucasians.)*

So, not only is the Hispanic customer interested in their energy consumption, but they’re taking action more than any other ethnic group.

But are they forgotten? Is this audience prioritized and appropriately targeted? Are they offered Spanish translations of your E.E. programs (not just bill pay!) and product offers? Are they targeted with messaging and marketing that resonates with them? And their commitment to living smarter and more responsibly?

Generally, this customer base reports that energy and environment impact their quality of life a lot. They are increasingly willing to take action to conserve energy (through new products and appliances to clean energy sources) because they draw a clear connection between energy and environment to family health. They believe their actions have impact, and it’s their moral responsibility to care for the earth.

Prioritize this audience in your marketing. Engage with them and their communities. They’re already interested, so we need to be too.

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*KSV National Consumer Research on Homeowners and Energy Efficiency, 2015.

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