It's not that customers don't care about energy efficiency...

Posted by Energy Wire on January 15, 2015 at 1:59 PM

Through KSV proprietary research, we heard one thing loud and clear: it’s not that customers don’t care about energy efficiency, it’s that energy efficiency isn’t even on their radar.

When it comes to environmental concerns, climate change and energy use fall to the bottom of the list. 

Our job? To market and inspire actions that increase awareness, change behavior and bring the bottom of the list to the top.

Step 1: Get on their radar.

Customers have become normalized to everyday inefficiencies in their homes and workplaces. If their bills are consistent, they think they’re efficient… so they tune out E.E solutions because they don’t need them. They think, “those programs are not relevant to me.”

69% of research participants actually stated that they find themselves adapting to inefficiencies in their homes and/or businesses rather than seeking solutions.

We have to engage and educate these customers on inefficiencies so they’ll pay attention. In one interview, a participant said, “People just assume some costs are constant and part of their daily lives… They think it’s outside their realm of control.”

Step 2: Motivate participation through the things that actually matter. 

We hear over and over again the financial benefits of either participating in Energy Efficiency programs or buying efficient products. And to some degree this message works.

But in order to create persistent change, you need to reach customers on a more emotional level. Cost savings are rational drivers for participation, but benefits such as comfort, stability and well-being trigger a deeper, more emotional response.

88% of research participants state the non-financial benefits of energy efficiency would motivate them to make improvements/upgrades to their homes or businesses.

This number shouldn’t be surprising. We’re talking about people’s biggest assets. Whether their home or their business, it’s personal. If you want them to make changes, you must inspire them based on what matters most. The savings help, but aren’t great enough to standalone.

In fact, 98% of research participants correlate energy efficiency with an expensive, upfront cost. (So, the savings you’re trying to sell doesn’t even make up for the amount of money customers think they have to spend.) See why they can’t standalone?

Trigger a deeper, more emotional response. Simplify the complexities of this industry into marketing that speaks directly to the motivations of your customer, and we’ll get them inspired. We’ll get them to care.

Interested in the full research report? Get in touch with Lauren Bell.

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