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Posted by Energy Wire on August 4, 2014 at 11:31 AM


Utilities are working hard to inspire their customers to take action on energy efficiency. There is great opportunity for these power providers to leverage consumers love for technology in this effort. Consumers covet technology across multiple daily experiences. It empowers, simplifies, enhances, excites, connects and creates efficiencies across so many needs and wants. Every day we are engaged with technology. The technology conversation is a great insertion point for utilities. 

So how should they do it?

By having a voice in the tech revolution that is defining contemporary times. The utility voice should be present in the "internet of things" conversation. This is where customers can be engaged in two things that excite them.

1. Emerging technology

2. Improving how they experience their homes

Here is an example of a utility (Reliant) that is doing just this by partnering with a high profile product (Nest).

Pretty cool, right?

Sure LEDS and high efficiency furnaces are rooted in evolved technology, but those purchases are not exciting. They are not toys like a mobile phone controlled air conditioner or thermostat is. Communicating around things like “you can turn your AC on from work when you are readying to head home.” Tech is cool and so is feeling like your mobile phone is a remote control capable of making your return home more comfortable and less expensive.

The energy efficiency conversation between utilities and customers is evolving from “you should do this” to “this is the benefit of doing it”. Given the love for and dependence on technology exhibited by today’s consumer, utilities need to develop a strong voice around technology enabled energy efficiency. Make it fun, make it about participating in a young yet promising tech revolution that is keeping people connected to controlling their home energy use remotely.

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