Reaching the “yet-to-be-inspired”

Posted by Energy Wire on April 3, 2014 at 12:02 PM

Utilities are in an interesting place right now. Mandated savings goals are increasing, the economy isn’t great and technology is taking over. On top of this, the target is changing. All the “greenies” have already converted their lifestyles to be more sustainable and energy efficient. The “penny pinchers” have already made all the upgrades or investments (they can afford) to save “x” on their monthly utility bills.
So who’s left? 

I think of this untapped market as the “yet-to-be-inspired.” I know this audience because I am this audience.

These customers are content with their lifestyles and normalized to everyday inefficiencies in the home. Their monthly bills are consistent, so the home audits and upfront costs aren’t appealing to them. Hell, they’re not even aware of them. If something breaks, they fix it. And when they do, they naturally purchase the item with an ENERGY STAR label. “Oh, a rebate? Great!” It’s nothing more than added value.

This “yet-to-be-inspired” group has built a life they’re comfortable living. This is the American Dream, right? Own a home. Pay your bills. Live a comfortable life.

So, how do we drive change with someone who is perfectly content?

We disrupt the lifestyle they perceive as comfortable. We show them that a more sustainable and energy efficient life is a better one. Join the revolution to living a better life. Make it something people can be proud of.

We inspire the “yet-to-be-inspired” through fellow customers in unconventional ways.

Utilities like Duke Energy and Florida Power & Light have partnered with the National Theatre for Children (NTC) – a genius way to get “inside” this untapped market. The NTC has kids teach fellow kids about the importance of energy efficient choices. At the end of the shows, kids are given energy efficiency starter kits to take home to their parents. They’re empowered to teach their families a thing or two about making changes. If your kids are empowered, so are you.

So what are we waiting for?

Stop talking about saving money! I don’t need an extra sandwich every month with the $10 in savings.

I need to know that if I switch up my perfectly content lifestyle, I’m going to benefit. I need to know that I’ll have a better life.

So teach me the benefits.

Inspire we “yet-to-be-inspired” and we’ll follow. 

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