Mobile video ramping up; 4 tips to get in the game.

Posted by Energy Wire on November 13, 2013 at 8:26 AM

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2013 has been a big year for mobile video.  With Instagram’s July video feature debut and Vine’s expanding popularity, an increasing number of brands are hopping on this social media train.

It’s really no surprise that mobile video has taken off. The increase in smartphone technology has contributed to a rise in online video viewership.  And with the enormous amount of content available, short-form video is the perfect length to hold the attention of this multi-tasking audience.

So where does your business stand in terms of online video content? If you’re not operating in the mobile video space, you’re behind the curve. It’s time to tap in to the trend. Let’s help you catch up with four tips for great video content:

  1. Keep it short & simple
    • Don’t overload your video with too much content. Excess information just hurts the eyes like in this clip from American Apparel.
  2. Tell a memorable story
    • Like any creative, visual or written, you want to share a story. It’s challenging due to the tight time constraints but not impossible. Take Charity:water’s video for example, which is simple yet effective.
  3. Don’t market to consumers
    • Use the medium as it was intended to be – creative.  Produce videos that are educational and entertaining.  Don’t sell your products, create relationships. Check out GE’s six-second science series.
  4. Put a human face on your brand
    • Take followers on a VIP tour of the inner workings of your business. Make it personal, relatable. Here we are taken on a behind the scenes journey at a Burberry fashion show.

Still not convinced mobile video is right for your brand? Check out these must-know facts.

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