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Posted by Energy Wire on July 12, 2013 at 6:40 AM

Mass Save Awareness Campaign

This three-part series will cover the components of our awareness campaign for Mass Save: the message, the medium, and the measurement.

When KSV partnered up with Mass Save, we were faced with one of the great, classic challenges of advertising: low awareness. Customers were having trouble connecting with the Mass Save brand. Despite the hard work on the part of the brand’s marketing team, the message was not resonating, and people were left asking, Mass Who?

The fact is, increasing awareness is harder than ever these days. From park benches, to Facebook banners, to radio spots, the bombardment is endless. With all that information being shoved their way, it’s easy for people to glaze over. The audience loses focus, and the messages are lost.

So, how do you raise awareness in a relatively low-interest category like energy efficiency? You do it in three steps. One, keep it simple. Two, keep it friendly and human. And three, repeat, repeat, repeat.

The simplicity unburdens the audience from needing deep knowledge of efficiency, and the repetition ingrains it into their mind. But the real kicker for propelling engagement is a subtle, underlying trigger that sparks the competitiveness in the consumer. The people featured in the ads have harnessed a resource that the audience doesn’t know about. So one might ask themself, ‘why am I missing out?’ This inherent competitive nature drives them to explore and satisfy their curiosity so that they too might reap the benefits of energy efficiency.

We’re still the early stages of our awareness campaign for Mass Save, but we’re confident that infusing a human touch into the brand messaging paired with simplicity and disciplined repetition will hit home with the people of Massachusetts and inspire them to be more energy efficient. And they’ll know exactly what Mass Save is all about.

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