Optimizing for the Device, and the User

Posted by Energy Wire on March 29, 2013 at 6:05 AM


There are a lot of devices enabling online media consumption these days. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, Kindles, the list goes on and on. In large part, the online experience is now defined by the device we connect with. 

We read emails differently on our laptops than we do on an iPhone. Search results are impacted by screen size. Websites built for computers will not necessarily render effectively on mobile devices. And of course, the touch screen interface was a game changer as well.

What does this mean for marketers? It means we simply need to optimize by device.

A recent Marketing Charts study indicated 30% of mobile email recipients opt out of future communications if the email is not optimized for mobile screens. Another 80% delete it immediately. This is especially important when we consider that according to the same study, 41% of all 2012 email opens came from mobile devices. You can be assured the number will be higher in 2013. These are big segments of a database to lose simply because the steps to optimize for mobile email delivery were not taken.

Great ideas drive marketing success, but if those ideas are not aligned to each environment they appear in, they break down. Yes, the new media ecosystem is complex, but the engagement opportunities it offers can be a brand’s best friend. The key is to be considerate of each device and how it will present content and experience.

Never have best practices been so necessary to follow.

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