I'm Melting: Death Star - or Energy-Efficient Windows - Attack Prius

Posted by Energy Wire on January 27, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Here’s a true energy-efficiency advocate’s quandary: Are energy-efficient home windows melting hybrid vehicles?
According to Heather Patron of Studio City, California, the answer is yes.

When the plastic side-view mirrors on her Prius began to melt, she took it to the Toyota dealer. The car checked out.

Then, according to sources including CNET blogger Chris Matyszczyk and others, she cast her eye on the energy-efficient windows in the neighboring building. Bingo.

Patron told CBS Los Angeles: “I’m positive that this window is what is causing the damage to my car.”

As a Prius driver, Ms. Patron likely knows that energy efficiency is the least-cost fuel source, and a powerful defense against building expensive and potentially climate-changing infrastructure like new power plants. But, she likely never imagined that driving a hybrid would put her in danger from the powerful forces of energy-efficient windows. That’s one issue that definitely was not addressed in the owner’s manual.

We advise Ms. Patron to park somewhere with a little shade. And, she could install her own death-star – and energy-efficient – reflecting windows on her Prius so she can fight back!

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