Utility-Consumer: New Social Compact

Posted by Energy Wire on August 24, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Phil Carson at Intelligent Utility recently spotted this on a LinkedIn’s Smart Grid Executive Forum thread.
Participants were discussing the fact that utilities must communicate what they’re doing to make sure electricity is being delivered efficiently, even as they ask consumers to adopt more energy efficient measures and behaviors. That’s the new social compact between utility and consumer.

If utilities fail to do that, here’s what the consumer perceives them as saying. Utility to Consumer:

I'll be providing you with water in a leaky pipe. But you have to conserve water to achieve the savings that will justify the investment in a meter and communications system to measure your use. By the way, I'll be earning a rate of return on the investment, and if you don't achieve the savings, you will be penalized.

Photo credit: Ian Boyd

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