Green Not For Guys? Think Again

Posted by Energy Wire on August 23, 2011 at 8:57 PM

Ogilvy Earth took a look recently at consumers’ intentions and behavior around purchasing sustainable products and services.
One interesting survey result: Going green is seen as “more feminine than masculine.” More men in the study identified as Green Rejecters, while the Super Greens were disproportionately female.

True? We’re not sure yet. But in the meantime, we offer a few “Macho Reasons to Go Green.”

The Lawn. There’s the weekly watering, which is troubling when you remember that looming water shortage. You might feel some misgivings about those “better living through chemistry” pesticides, especially when your kids and grandkids show up to play. The alternative? Give up the maintenance, feeding, mowing, and bundling of clippings, and let the lawn go wild. You save effort, money, and time. For fishing.

The Grill. Charcoal and propane are two non-renewable, greenhouse-unfriendly fuels that may one day be regulated. Supporting the development of alternative fuels could save your summer caveman ritual.

The Team. With stadium operation and maintenance, transportation, paper use, concessions and waste management – major league sports can be major resource drains and polluters. It’s no surprise that some have launched their own green initiatives. Might as well get on board and get green so that Super Bowl is more sustainable.

High-five to Dennis Salazar at Environmental Leader for his list of at-risk “guy things”, which inspired our thinking.

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