The Agency Dating Game

Posted by Energy Wire on August 12, 2011 at 11:29 AM

“Don’t celebrate closing a sale; celebrate opening a relationship.”— Patricia Fripp
You know what new business is like? It’s like dating. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and if you send the wrong signals, it’s over.

You and that potential new client both want to meet with someone with similar interests and beliefs, and are open to what might turn into a mutually beneficial relationship. You’ve probably checked each other out online. But if you’re lucky enough to get together in the same room, it all boils down to chemistry. Do I want to see this person (or agency, or company) again? Is there a way we might meet some mutual goals and have fun doing it? If not, best to go our separate ways. But if the answer is yes, we’ll try it for a while to see where it goes. Maybe it’s the beginning of a deep, long-lasting relationship. Maybe we break up. You never know for sure, but if you want to be in it for the long haul, best not to act like these characters.

  • The Egocentric Agency. Also known as the lets-talk-about-me agency. Sure, you might be an interesting brand with big potential, but what do you think of me? Have you seen the size of my capabilities chart?
  • The Hookup Agency. This date wants to get intimate right away. They let you know from first sight how bad they want you. Forget the meet and greet; come check out the bedroom. Too fast, too soon, forget it.
  • The Looking to Get Married Agency. It’s the first date and this one is talking about eloping and long-term commitments. Whatever happened to getting to know each other first?
  • The Stalker Agency. You just met, and already this weirdo is calling six times a day, showing up unannounced, and sending you expensive gifts. There’s a line between showing interest and being creepy, and it has been officially crossed.

I don’t think any of these agency types would make for fun dating. So in the interest of developing a mutually authentic relationship between us, let me suggest a short chemistry check to save us all time and energy.

Coffee anyone?


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