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Posted by Energy Wire on July 27, 2011 at 1:12 PM

Facebook is littered with the remains of poorly executed brand pages. Fact is, opening a facebook account and placing random content onto your page will not generate the response that companies are looking for.
Building a brand presence on Facebook requires planing and effort. It demands constant management and attention. And in many cases, it starts with listening to what people are saying about the brand right now.

We recently helped Ellio's Pizza rebrand their product line with an integrated campaign that included Facebook. It was clear from reading the posts that loyalists were up in arms about changes to the product they know and love. But through constant attention and careful management of the conversation, we quickly turned the tone from negative to positive and made the Ellio's Facebook page a fun, interesting place to be. Best of all, the fan base is already up by 97%.

Engage customers in a conversation about the brand, and they'll feel a stronger connection with it. Just remember to be real, be honest, and be open to their feedback.

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