Smile, You're on Mac and Cheese Camera.

Posted by Energy Wire on July 14, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Check out the innovation on this cheesy brand. Kraft Mac & Cheese has
introduced “Smile Tagging” which enables interweb users to share a
smile with their online social connections.

People tag their smiles in response to online content they enjoy by
downloading an app from the Kraft smile tagging page on Facebook. Once
installed, the app makes it possible to use your webcam to take a
picture of your smile and share it on the Facebook page. Each smile is
clickable and will take visitors to the content that inspired the
smile. Very cool, very innovative and a great way to infuse the brand
into daily web experiences.

While most brands are chasing “likes,” Kraft is inspiring digital
displays of your pearly whites and creating a fun sharing experience
that is suBtle with a capital B.

So, what's the B stand for? Branding. Kraft has produced a branding
campaign that appreciates what people want from their online
experiences, which is to connect and share. It's all about the people
using it. The brand is in the background doing just what it should be
doing-- attaching itself to a fun, socially focused experience without
overwhelming users with hard sell messaging and interactivity.

So give it a try. After all, it only takes a smile.

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