Slicing the In-Home Energy Preference Pie

Posted by Energy Wire on May 11, 2011 at 4:45 PM

Here’s Accenture’s take on the six core energy consumer segments found in the U.S., as reported in the consultancy’s most recent survey.

  • Self-reliants, 20%: “I prefer to manage my electricity consumption on my own.” Largely women over 55, who are willing to manage appliances based on real-time pricing information. They’re uncomfortable about sharing data with a third party for commercial purposes.
  • Social independents, 15%: “I like testing new technologies.” Men at all ages and income levels, interested in personally setting up their own in-home devices. They’re willing to purchase from multiple providers, but uninterested in loyalty rewards – unless for computers or electronics. They like being seen as “trendy” by family and friends.
  • Cost sensitives, 23%: “I look for the best financial rewards.” Women, consumers aged 25-34, and lower income consumers. They like loyalty rewards and bill reductions. They want programs that can be customized to their personal needs and usage.
  • Service-centrics, 17%: “I want the best service for my family and me.” Women of all ages and income levels, who want full set-up by a certified technician, and better control over their home’s heating and cooling. Turned off by poor customer support and poor product installation, they prefer to work with their utility. Learning is motivated by a move to a new home.
  • Traditionalists, 14%: “I prefer a familiar experience.” Consumers 55 and over, both men and women, of all income levels. They want device, info and pricing programs to come from a single provider – most likely, their utility. Motivation comes from renovating a home.
  • Tech-savvies, 11%: “I value convenience and efficiency.” High income men, aged 25-34. They’re interested in devices that automatically manage their appliances, like “Set and Forget” programs. They want to simplify their lives, monitor consumption on their mobile devices, and are ready to purchase electricity, products and services online.

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