The Hunt for the Energy Panda

Posted by Energy Wire on February 4, 2011 at 1:27 PM

Any revolution in consumer and social behavior needs a rich symbol with a name, a story, and emotional appeal.
Consider the panda logo for the World Wildlife Fund. It evokes the beauty, preciousness, and fragility of the natural world.

Energy consciousness needs its own “panda”.

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative has joined with Frog Design to create one. Three finalists have risen to the top. The final concept will become a symbol of SGCC’s mission to make the smart grid more accessible to consumers.

This is fun. Check out the finalists and choose your favorite:

  • LOOP: A mobius strip, a perfect mathematical form with one continuous surface. It reminds us of our contributions to a never-ending cycle. The Loop can be a logo, a bicycle pinwheel, a rooftop generator, or a large-scale monument that represents an entire community’s commitment to the energy cause. Scores high on beauty.
  • CHARGE: A solar-powered ring allows you to exchange data with other ring wearers, build a social network, or use a cool smartphone app. Wear the tungsten core ring, and it lights up to reveal a lightening bolt. High marks for its “wow” factor.
  • FACE: A kid-focused mythic universe of energy-saving characters with Pokemon-esque appeal.  Expect comic books, backpacks, and figurines. Bonus points for cuteness, and potential impact on the next generation.

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