When Peer Pressure Is A Good Thing

Posted by Energy Wire on August 23, 2010 at 4:38 PM

We’ve arrived at the last key finding in Accenture’s survey (http://bit.ly/9zMTSh) of consumers’ responses to smart metering programs. We’ve looked at the first four findings in recent weeks (http://bit.ly/am8rmy, http://bit.ly/dub9wE, http://bit.ly/b7UpOK, http://bit.ly/bLOjsC).
Key Finding #5:

Adoption of electricity management programs is influenced by fragmented and non-traditional consumer preferences.

When we participate in electricity management programs, we’re responding to distinct personal preferences summed up by these six groups:

Proactives (16%) – willing to reduce use of major appliances; uninterested in the environmental impact of that choice

Eco-rationals (12%) – interested in reducing environmental impact; responsive to social pressure

Cost Conscious (17%) – sensitive to electricity bill savings

Pragmatics (21%) – ready to switch products and brands; slow to adopt new technologies

Skepticals (21%) – low trust in utilities; likely to seek the advice of consumer organizations

Indifferents (13%) – less willing to reduce use of major appliances; skeptical of electricity’s negative environmental impact

We’ll need to deliver unique value propositions to reach each one of these groups.

It’s even more interesting to note that consumers in every segment say social pressure is a key driver to take action. Even among the Skepticals, one-half say that the attitudes of friends, family and colleagues are a key driver to take action.

Given that the social pressure is there, how can we make good use of it to drive energy efficiency choices?

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Wayne Large (http://bit.ly/aYcd3S)

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