I Love BP

Posted by Energy Wire on June 11, 2010 at 2:36 PM

I Love BP

Now there is a statement you will not be hearing for a very long time.  Zillions of dollars down the green drain as BP continues to spew both oil and negative press.  And this is how we feel as customers of BP.  Can you imagine what it must feel like to be an employee?  And they have thousands of employees.  Thousands of people who could project the “I love BP” attitude to family and friends.  But that love is gone.

Is your company so different from BP? Where is your company love?  Can you even think about the idea of saying “I love my company," or saying that you love what you do?   A recent study found that only 20% of employees are engaged in their work.  No wonder our cars are being recalled at a higher rate than ever, our airport experience is becoming more and more negative as we wait in ever longer lines, and our ratings of restaurants continues to decrease.  Where is the love?

Most new businesses begin with the love for an idea, the love to provide an experience, a product.  What happens to love along the way?  How can we get love into the business language?  When does love lose in the balance with greed, ego, and power?

Is it time to relook at your corporate vision and mission?  Can your employees read this and your annual report and feel the love for the company's mission?  Is your company talking love but acting through performance and profit measurement only?  There is a balance to all this.  An organization that has a dream to save the world needs to have the financial wellbeing to move in that direction.  But it is all in the balance.  And today that balance is completely out of whack.

Where is the love in your mission statement?

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