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Posted by Energy Wire on April 27, 2010 at 1:29 PM

Business success is all about relationship success.  The age-old argument continues.  Are business results the outcome of rational or emotional decisions?  It does not take a doctoral degree in economics to know this answer, just watch kids by the candy counter and even we can figure this out.  Or check your emotional and rational self against these categories:
- Banking

- Wireless

- Automobiles

- Health care

- Parenting

Each of us reacts to these categories based on our feelings toward the category, our experience with the category.  Now check out these brands and weigh your emotional and rational response to the brand:

- Citicorp

- iPhone

- Corvette

- Sloan Kettering

- Your child

Your responses either to the category or the specific brand were emotionally driven, and rationally supported.  So get over the argument and lets get to work on relationships!

Business success is based on relationships:

- Relationship between the brand and the customer

- Relationship throughout the supply chain

- Relationship inside your organization

Today give yourself over to improving relationships and begin to watch your business success shift.

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