Death Notice

Posted by Energy Wire on April 8, 2010 at 3:21 PM

America - Target Market, 73, of every marketing plan in America, passed away after a long struggle following the collapse of the US economy in 2008.

Target Market (TM) was born in an earlier era when brands were owned by their corporate parent.  A child of a happy marriage between print and broadcast media.  TM grew up to be divided and segmented and successfully used to push products and messages out to consumers.

TM loved shopping, and spent much time at the mall, where she could combine her shopping, eating and movie desires.  Through artificial insemination she is survived by Network Market.

Network Market was born out of the need and ability for brands to strengthen their bonds with customers where they live, play, laugh, fight, commiserate and negotiate - online and offline communities centered around a common purpose.  Today brand marketing isn't about targeting and shooting at a consumer, it is about involving and engaging customers and communities.  Tapping into the affinities they share with each other, thus helping create Passionate Networks of Believers.

Memorial contributions for TM can be sent directly to brands that are still marketing through target markets, they are easy to spot as they continue to spiral out of control.

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