Posted by Energy Wire on January 13, 2010 at 1:18 PM

It's cold outside here in northern Vermont this time of year (nine degrees and snowing as I write this). But this winter it's a bit warmer, at least here inside the early 20th-century building where some of the the good folks of KSV hang out five days (sometimes more) a week.
That's because we've just completed phase two of a three-phase project to replace all 34 super-size windows in our three-story building. Those are brand new Pella Architect Series double-pane, low-E2-with-Argon-gas windows you see in the accompanying photo.

Snazzy, if windows are your thing.

Even better: Our warmth also translates into less fossil fuel consumed and a lower carbon footprint. We're feeling good.

Is solar photovoltaic on the roof far behind?

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